Changes experienced over a six month period after having weekly NeuroMovement lessons. (23 lessons in total)

Eye Examination Results

Client testimonial:

Before seeing Lorrie Jollimore my body couldn’t remember how to hold itself up. My once agile, flexible body was brick-like; stiff, heavy, and lacking fluidity. The motor vehicle accident from Feb 1, 2021, gave me a concussion and confused my nervous system, making it a struggle for me to push myself further than a simple walk. I went from deadlifting 200 pounds to struggling to carry my groceries. Post-concussion syndrome made everything worse. After almost two years of treatment with no relief, I finally found Lorrie. I started sleep-walking for the first time since childhood, which lasted for about two weeks. Within one month of therapy the daily ice pick headaches came to a halt. After two months I started to sleep sans nightmares, and the new found post-MVA rage started to dissipate. I’ve never been an angry person but after the concussion it wouldn’t take much to flare up this deep, dark, internal anger. At first the lessons were so exhausting that I needed to drink a large coffee and wait for an hour before I could even drive home, where I would almost instantly fall into a deep sleep. Now I can drive home right away, no exhaustion, no coffee or naps necessary. My brain is changing and I can feel it.

My eye doctor reports the photophobia (extreme light sensitivity) and receding point of convergence (how my eyes focus) are back to normal levels. She noticed a heightened sense of ease when doing the eye tests, and I got through the tests much quicker than before ABM treatment.

Rather than dread, I now wake up with joy and energy. I still am not sure how she does it, but I have found vitality for the first time in 2+ years. My morning “brick feet” with which I was becoming all too familiar, now have toes again. IBS symptoms are at an all-time low. I am starting to feel at-home in my own body again.

I feel light, excited for life, and I am strong! I hope that I will be a high performer athlete once again. I am not scared, angry, or in unbearable pain. The headaches are gone, the tingling numbness across my shoulder blades have halted, almost completely. Instead of every week, I now get treatment every 2 weeks, which will soon turn to every 4, until I no longer need reminders that I don’t have to live in pain. I also have less OCD and anxiety symptoms. My mind is more calm and I feel generally more whole, my body and mind reconnected, confident in everyday activities, strong to take on the day. Before finding Lorrie I saw 6 different therapists but I still felt broken. Now I see a future without pain, and without therapy.


Initial presentation:

Stabbing headaches at left temple
Mood changes – anger
Photophobia – extreme light sensitivity
Receding point of convergence (eye focus)
Back pain
Numbness across shoulder blades
Feet unrefined – less stability in walking
IBS symptoms flared
OCD/anxiety high
Neck pain/tension


No longer experiencing headaches
Sleeping well and feeling rested in morning
Mood stabilized – joy for life and vitality returned
Photophobia now within normal limits
Point of Convergence within normal limits
No longer experiencing fatigue
No longer experiencing pain
Numbness across shoulder blades gone
Feet have more refined movements, stability in walking increased
IBS symptoms all time low
OCD/anxiety low, mind calm
No longer experiencing neck pain

Eye Examination Results