The future of physical rehabilitation is based on neuroscience principles.

At Movement and Vitality, I devise a unique program to work with you to fill in the foundations of organization that allow for reduction of pain, freedom of movement, and clearer thinking and communicating by providing the ideal conditions for learning. 

Private Hands on
Movement Lessons

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® has been successful over the past 3 decades to bring about transformational learning with adults that have any number of challenges such as chronic pain, recovery from injury or surgery, concussion, stroke and more. This sought after approach has international practitioners practicing the world over, and has been available in Prince Edward Island, Canada by Lorrie Jollimore over the past nine years.

Lorrie has personally had success with this approach with her own daughter with hemiplegia cerebral palsy, taking her on a new tangent in life to study how the brain forms movement and how that leads to learning and change. She has worked with hundreds of clients since she founded Movement and Vitality, getting incredible outcomes that often surpass medical expectations.  

Joudry Sound Therapy
based on Tomatis®

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program to benefit your ears and brain. Listening to this unique, filtered music relieves auditory processing disorder and other ear problems while also enhancing your brain performance. Likewise, new brain pathways can be built with the right stimulus, such as filtered music that include high frequency sounds.

Sound Therapy is effective for sensory integration, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness or vertigo, improved hearing, blocked ear, insomnia, stress and anxiety, dyslexia, speech delays, stuttering, auditory processing to enhance learning ability, and improved brain performance.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis believed the ear was an extension of the brain and that deficits in hearing and auditory processing often showed as learning and coordination challenges.  Some adults will find this complimentary approach will accelerate their outcomes when combined with NeuroMovement®. 

Our brains are built to change.

Regardless of our current conditions and limitations, NeuroMovement® offers everyone a real possibility to improve because it relies on our brain’s ability to change and significantly upgrade how we function.

Unlike many rehabilitation interventions that attempt to bring change directly to specific joints, muscle groups, or bones, NeuroMovement shifts the focus away from the “problem areas” to where solutions lie – the brain – and uses movement as a language, a means of providing the brain with the information it needs to guide the body and mind to higher levels of functioning and coordination. This is the main principle of this learning based approach; learning how to move the whole body in a coordinated way, getting areas that haven’t been moving to join in making you more flexible. Age-related decline involves brain change in a negative direction as neural maps decrease due to lack of coordinated action and vestibular and proprioceptive refinement. Using principles of neuroscience this can be reversed.

Read about some of Lorrie’s recent outcomes with clients fully recovering from neck, shoulder, back and knee pain here.

What to expect?

NeuroMovement® works by communicating with the brain to facilitate the formation of new neural connections and patterns, irrespective of current limitations.

Movement and awareness are the primary tools a practitioner uses to communicate and upgrade the brain to bring about the potential for learning and change. Change often presents itself in a number of ways, such as better movement, balance and coordination, increased focus, reduced anxiety, improved sleep and so on. By upgrading the entire system the adult learns to perceive finer and finer differences which is an essential for learning.

NeuroMovement can help adults with brain injury, sensory integration dysfunction, scoliosis, ADD/ADHD, chronic anxiety, chronic pain, balance and coordination issues, limited movement and spasticity, and recovery from injury or surgery. 


What is possible for my recovery?

Through a series of learning events every adult no matter what age, can experience transformational change. Expect limitless possibilities. Today discoveries in neuroscience of the remarkable ability of the brain to change has helped to explain why approaches like Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® and the Feldenkrais Method® have been so successful over the past 3 decades, rehabilitating adults and children and improving their lives by putting them on paths of learning as functional movement becomes easy and possible.


Our senses are the information systems for the brain.

Did you know that our services tap into 6 out of the 8 senses? Very few modalities work with that many. Sound, sight, touch, movement (vestibular), body awareness (proprioception), and awareness of body signals (interception). NeuroMovement® and Sound Therapy create potent upgrades within the central nervous system, leading to a more connected brain and better processing, allowing for greater outcomes. 


Deeply ingrained brain patterns and habits can be changed.

Most neck, shoulder and back pain is caused by long-standing, poor movement and posture habits that are controlled by deeply ingrained brain patterns. The good news is that with movement lessons your brain is able to begin differentiating and integrating new patterns that are more in harmony with how the human body is built to move. Through this method your brain rapidly begins creating new pain free solutions.

It is faulty movement patterns that cause pain, and it is better organized movement patterns that get rid of pain. This is true even when the neck, shoulder or back pain began as a result of an accident, abrupt trauma, surgery, or illness.


In person lessons or online classes, you choose.

NeuroMovement® can enhance other sports you participate in such as yoga, martial arts, cross fit, hockey, golf, gymnastics and so on providing your brain with solutions to move more powerfully and effortlessly. If you are presently experiencing pain or recovering function, in person lessons are recommended initially and then online classes to keep you on the trajectory that is well organized, pain free and slows age related decline. 

Benefits of NeuroMovement®:

  • overcome aches and pains
  • improve the movement of your neck and back
  • increase flexibility in your shoulders
  • improve sleep
  • explore the power of using your imagination
  • increase strength and flexibility throughout your body
  • sharpen your thinking and awareness
  • discover ease and joy in all movement


What Clients are Saying…


Lorrie, I have had amazing results from the treatment I had with you a few weeks ago. Both of my knees felt normal for the first time in 10 years. I was so amazed at the change in my body, my walk and level of comfort continually increased over time!



Before seeing Lorrie Jollimore my body couldn’t remember how to hold itself up. My once agile, flexible body was brick-like; stiff, heavy, and lacking fluidity. The motor vehicle accident from Feb 1, 2021, gave me a concussion and confused my nervous system, making it a struggle for me to push myself further than a simple walk. I went from deadlifting 200 pounds to struggling to carry my groceries. Post-concussion syndrome made everything worse. After almost two years of treatment with no relief, I finally found Lorrie. I started sleep-walking for the first time since childhood, which lasted for about two weeks. Within one month of therapy the daily ice pick headaches came to a halt. After two months I started to sleep sans nightmares, and the new found post-MVA rage started to dissipate. I’ve never been an angry person but after the concussion it wouldn’t take much to flare up this deep, dark, internal anger. At first the lessons were so exhausting that I needed to drink a large coffee and wait for an hour before I could even drive home, where I would almost instantly fall into a deep sleep. Now I can drive home right away, no exhaustion, no coffee or naps necessary. My brain is changing and I can feel it.

My eye doctor reports the photophobia (extreme light sensitivity) and receding point of convergence (how my eyes focus) are back to normal levels. She noticed a heightened sense of ease when doing the eye tests, and I got through the tests much quicker than before ABM treatment.

Rather than dread, I now wake up with joy and energy. I still am not sure how she does it, but I have found vitality for the first time in 2+ years. My morning “brick feet” with which I was becoming all too familiar, now have toes again. IBS symptoms are at an all-time low. I am starting to feel at-home in my own body again.

I feel light, excited for life, and I am strong! I hope that I will be a high performer athlete once again. I am not scared, angry, or in unbearable pain. The headaches are gone, the tingling numbness across my shoulder blades have halted, almost completely. Instead of every week, I now get treatment every 2 weeks, which will soon turn to every 4, until I no longer need reminders that I don’t have to live in pain. I also have less OCD and anxiety symptoms. My mind is more calm and I feel generally more whole, my body and mind reconnected, confident in everyday activities, strong to take on the day. Before finding Lorrie I saw 6 different therapists but I still felt broken. Now I see a future without pain, and without therapy.

(results after 23 lessons over 6 months)



NeuroMovement with Lorrie has changed my life years after I’d given up hope of improvement.

My body had lost the ability to just be, without unconsciously holding in a misguided attempt to lessen the back/neck/head pain/concussion symptoms after a corkscrew whiplash car accident well over a decade ago. I felt totally blissed out after my first session, as Lorrie helped my brain relearn how to let my body just be.

Underneath the back/neck tension a lot of healing had actually already happened and so I had a huge transformation in posture that day alone. Since then my symptoms have reduced or disappeared, and progress continues with every session.

If you have a concussion, or mild brain injury, this should be the prescribed treatment. If you have a sore back or neck, this should be at least part of the treatment.



Lorrie helped me recover after my back surgery (L4-L5). After the first lesson I was pain free for 24 hours! After about 6 lessons I was able to move more freely than I had been able to in a long time.



Lorrie, thank you for yesterdays’ class…I feel so much better, and was at acquasize today, and was telling everyone who had pain, and aches about you and how you helped me! I will definitely sign up for weekend sessions, or one on one, as I was living with pain in my hip for at least 5 years, and now I have comfort, and can move with ease. Thank you again!
(results after her first class)



I highly recommend Lorrie Jollimore and ABM. I had a fall four years ago and have a concussion/TBI. Before I received treatment from Lorrie I was unable to feel my feet touching the ground. It was like living on a sway bridge. My brain now communicates with my feet again.

This is huge for me! She has helped me figure out how to swing on and off a therapy horse. I can have a shower without holding the wall now. Each time I’m there I have better balance and mobility. Such great improvements adding to the quality of my life and reducing my chances of falling. Many thanks for improving my life and health.



When I walked out of the office after my first lesson, I thought, “This is something beyond rehabilitation.” I was then, and continue to be, a very active person. 

Even though I maintained a healthy lifestyle, I was always dealing with minor injuries. I ran the gauntlet of traditional forms of rehabilitation—physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, dry needling—and nothing brought more than temporary relief until I experienced ABM. 

In that moment, I discovered something that would make a real difference to my constant injuries; a difference on a more fundamental level than just stretching, manipulating, and strengthening muscles. After my first lesson, I felt entirely grounded and free to move: it was the realization that I hadn’t known how not to be tense. And that night, I had the best sleep of my life!



What I found most interesting in her approach was the way by which she was encouraging me to ‘feel’ my body and various areas of my body where she was focusing on. I became very mindful of the area where I was experiencing much pain but also the areas surrounding the pain. It was almost like I was tuning into these ‘non-painful’ areas in order to ‘wake them up’ so to speak so they could play a bigger role in supporting of mitigating the painful area.

In a very short period of time I was becoming mindful of my body and areas that seemed to have been forgotten because of my focus on the pain area. The next day my muscle spasm was gone.



Lorrie has been giving me lessons for a while now. I have always found her lessons to provide immediate and tangible results, but I was blown away after our last lesson! I am recovering from back surgery, and have extensive nerve and muscle depletion on my left side. As a result, I had been unable to lift my heel off the floor on that side since before my surgery. It simply did not move when I tried to lift it.

After a lesson with Lorrie, I was surprised when I tried to lift that foot and it worked! It was a small movement, but it was more mobility than I have had in a months. It continues to improve!



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