Did you know that NeuroMovement has had amazing outcomes for those who’ve suffered a concussion? The following is a case study I did with a client who has improved greatly in 12 weeks of regular weekly NeuroMovement lessons. It gives an overview of her personal experience and symptoms before and after including approaches before NeuroMovement that didn’t work as well as those that did. View the presentation of the results of her NeuroMovement lessons here.

The most recent success was with 16 year old male who has had multiple concussions with his last one this past December. He went from experiencing daily headaches, especially at the end of the day, and dizziness. He would have to come home midweek to rest after 2 and a half days of school. After weekly NeuroMovement lessons starting in February he was headache free in just 4 weeks and only getting slight dizziness when he gets up too quick. I’m amazed with his progress and he continues to improve with each lesson!

If you know someone who has had a concussion please let them know they can do something about it to get back on track. If they contact me, I can put them in touch with a NeuroMovement practitioner in their area. It’s time we take concussion rehabilitation seriously and not force people back to their busy lives before they have fully recovered.